Saturday, October 22, 2011

Salvage Best Friends!

As soon as my best friend Joanne Palmisano steps off the plane here in Portland Oregon (she lives in Shelburne Vermont) the camera starts flying. Even on the way home from the airport, she does the Dustin Hoffman Rain Man shots. You know, the snapping photos randomly while the car is speeding down the road. It never stops, just like Joanne. But in her flurry of photos and never ending of seeing beauty in the simple things of life, she captures some moments that most of us miss. One of my favorite shots she took recently is of my little lamb sitting pretty on my fireplace mantle. And if you want to see more of her amazing work check out her just released book! Salvage Secrets. My little lamb isn't in it, but many other parts of my house (The REX Project) are and I am so proud to be a part of it. And yep, you are seeing double, that's Joanne's twin sister Rosanne Palmisano (Joanne is in white) hanging out by my outdoor fireplace.


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