Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Sweaters and a Window

I am constantly raiding my closet and always second guessing myself as to why I bought stuff.  Like the bright orange pullover or the way too tight pants...Seriously Shannon what were you're thinking.  Anwyay, the clothing goes into three piles.  Donation, Garage Sale, and DIY. 

One fun DIY project I created was this organization board from six different sweaters.  Jeeze, I didn't realize how many neutral colors I have.  It's a true sign of living in the Pacific NW.

I grabbed an old window, some pillow stuffing, upholstery tacks, cut the sweaters up in rectangles and stuffed and hammered each sweater to the inside of each pane.  So now my closet and office are both organized!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nartural Home & Garden Magazine and my DIY wreath

One of my favorite magazines is Natural Home & Garden.  It reaches so many topics of sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendly solutions to better our planet.  I love it!  Recently, Jessica Kellner, the Editor posted one of my DIY projects on their website.  It's my burnt out light bulb wreath.  And even though it's painted red for the holidays, all you need is a can of spray paint and in minutes you can paint it a new color for the new year!  I also want to thank Jessica for providing magazines for Design Sponge's Portland Bazaar.  They were a big hit.  And last but not least, cause she's my Best Friend.  In this issue, a wonderful spread of Joanne Palmisano's book, Salvage Secrets.  Woo Hoo!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Portland Bazaar Scrap Wreath Crew

We came, we puzzled, we glued, we made the best holiday wreaths ever at Design Sponge's Portland Bazaar!  It's amazing what scrap wood (lath) some red paint and glue can create.  Add a little personality from a group of fabulous people and my DIY class walked away with a wonderful holiday memory.  Thanks to Grace Bonney of Design Sponge for asking me to be a part of the Portland Bazaar.  Hope to see you all again next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Drop Cloth Slipcovers

I snagged four of these chairs at an estate sale in Long Beach Califonia, a steal at only $15.00 each.  But I wanted to jazz them up so had my friend Suzanne Martin make slip covers for me from some painter drop cloths, upholstery wrap, my grandma's old buttons and some scrap fringe.  Whatcha think?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Time to wrap presents!  Here's fun idea.  Decorate new paint cans.  You can buy them at any paint supply store.  My source is Powell Paint in Portland Oregon.

Also I just want to give a shoot out to Steve Cridland.

He never asks.  He never questions.  He's the perfect man, right?  Well, in my little world of salvaging junk, he is the perfect guy.  I am talking about my good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Steve Cridland.

All of my published DIY projects for magazines over the years, Steve has been behind the camera.   Steve, thanks for making all my crazy DIY ideas look amazing!  

Old Leather Belts

One of my favorite books is called Joseph Had an Overcoat.  It's about a man whose only coat started to fray and fall apart.  But instead of throwing it away he made it into something else. 
At the end of the story the last piece of coat ended up being button and it finally popped off and left Joseph with nothing.  So what did he do...he wrote a book about it. 

I love that book.  And it's my inspiration for my belt mat.  I had a favorite leather belt, but it finally kicked the bucket.  But instead of throwing it away, I made it into to something else.

Thanks Joseph...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sign Up for Shannon's DIY class with Design Sponge

Come spend some Girlfriend Time with me at Design Sponge's Portland Bazaar!

We will have fun making this scrap wood wreath, plus a book signing of Salvage Secrets, tons of fun DIY goodies to take home to help check off your holiday gift list.  Or what the heck, keep it all for yourself.  There are only 15 seats available so sign up fast!

Sunday Dec. 11th 3-4pm at Sandbox Studio.  Click on the link below and grab a spot. 

See you soon!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Sneak Peak of wooden wreath for DIY Design Sponge class!

You are looking at raw materials of the scrap wooden wreath we will be making!   Below is the description of the class on Design Sponge  and here's the link to sign up.  Only 15 spots open!!  Plus I have decorating goodies (paints, Tomboy Tools, Hope bags, this list goes on and on) for all who attend too!  This is going to be a blast. 

3pm-4pm: DIY Wooden Wreath-Making with Shannon Quimby ($20): What do you get when you combine local Salvage DIY Decorating Gal Shannon Quimby, scrap wood, a blow dryer, glue and paint? Lots of fun and super stylish, upcycled, one of kind, decorative wood wreath that will stand the test of time. Class attendees will leave with their own wreath and a couple surprises from Shannon. Shannon will also be signing copies of her book, Salvaged Secrets. Your class fee covers all materials. SIGN UP HERE

Sign Up for my Design Sponge DIY Class!

Nothing fancy right now, but a quick's the link to sign up for my class with Design Sponge's first Portland Bazaar!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shannon teaching a DIY class with Design Sponge!

What do you think this photo is of?  Well, it's a sneak peak of the class I am teaching at Design Sponge's  first Portland Bazaar!  Spaces are limited so sign up fast.  Dec. 11th 3pm.  Wait there's more!  A book signing of Salvage Secrets, by Joanne Palmisano.  I snagged some books for you, perfect for holiday gifts! 

OK...I will spill the beans about the photo.  It's a wreath made out of burnt out light bulbs.  At the Portland Bazaar, I will be showing how to make this, and you will get to make my latest salvage DIY project, a scrap wood wreath!

Be there or be...empty handed.