Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Sweaters and a Window

I am constantly raiding my closet and always second guessing myself as to why I bought stuff.  Like the bright orange pullover or the way too tight pants...Seriously Shannon what were you're thinking.  Anwyay, the clothing goes into three piles.  Donation, Garage Sale, and DIY. 

One fun DIY project I created was this organization board from six different sweaters.  Jeeze, I didn't realize how many neutral colors I have.  It's a true sign of living in the Pacific NW.

I grabbed an old window, some pillow stuffing, upholstery tacks, cut the sweaters up in rectangles and stuffed and hammered each sweater to the inside of each pane.  So now my closet and office are both organized!


Kim Whitley-Gaynor said...

I LOVE this idea, and I have tons of old windows from the 7 old houses we have salvaged so far. Thanks for the great idea!

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