Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Designed New Restaurant, Trigger

Had the best time working with Tommy Habetz and Noah Cable on designing their new restaurant, Trigger www.facebook.com/TriggerPDX.  A big shout out to Kurt Huffman from www.chefstablegroup.com asking me to be a part of this!
Check out the movable artwork.  You can rotate the sand art 360 degrees.  Totally fun! My thumbs were a little raw after installing 35 wall terrariums, but I couldn't wait to see them all up on the wall.  Noah's comment "Terrariums look RAD."
So pull up to the bar, enjoy lunch or dinner.  Great Tex-mex

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Wedding Show

Had the best time ever speaking at the Rose City Bridal Show last week.  Shared my favorite DIY ideas for weddings, that of course are cheap, cheap, cheap...and easy to make.  Notice the garbage can behind me?  I go dumpster diving while up on stage, and in a skirt too!
Photographer, Rebecca from www.anikoproductions.com took some AMAZING photos of the showcases I put together for the show.
Here is a table runner my friend, Annelle Friel and I made together using pages from a book about roses, some scotch tape and hole punch. Turned out great! 

Another DIY buddy of mine, Traci Schaller, who creates Vintage DIY wedding decor accessories, made this menu board.  How adorable is this!  And if you haven't gone yet, you must stay at www.balchhotel.com, that is where you'll find some of Traci's finest vintage wedding DIY ideas.  And wait until you meet the owners, Jeff and Samantha.  The nicest ever!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Television

We are going gang busters filming short segments for news broadcasts across the country. Check out www.finditfixitfun.com and get a peek of what we are up too!  Here is a chandelier made from cork, paperclips and a flower wreath form.  The best part, it's all on film of the step by step directions.  25 new DIY ideas.  Whew!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Recycled Home In Recycle Scene

Did you know that people that have last names that start with the letter Q are related?  Well I don't know if that is true, but when Jen Quiros of http://www.recyclescene.com/ contacted me and asked if she could write a story about my house, The REX Project, I knew she and I had to be related, at least in the family of recyclers.

Click on the link.  The side by side before and after photos are something else!

And if you want to tour the house this Saturday Oct. 6th click here for all the info.  Hope to see you!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rose City Bridal Show, Vintage Decor Ideas

I am so excited to be speaking at the Rose City Bridal Show, Sunday Oct. 7th!  I will be sharing some of my favorite and of course, cost effective wedding DIY decorations.  http://www.rosecitybridalshowcase.com/events/

How cute is this!  His and Hers wine stoppers aka salt and pepper shakers.  Great wedding gift!  This is just a pinch of what I will be showcasing.  Hope to see you there and don't forget to sign up and get tickets! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rejuvenation Salvage Home Tour

I am so jazzed!  Two reasons.  One, I am speaking at Rejuvenation www.rejuvenation.com kicking off Portland's first Salvage Home Tour.  Two, then I dash home and open my doors to everyone who wants to come and tour my home and some other amazing homes designed with salvage.  Big bonus!  Anne DeWolf of Arciform, www.arciform.com , is also speaking and sharing her top salvage design ideas.  Check out the Facebook page. Buy a ticket, all goes to charity and come say hi. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

Antique Show, Monticello Antique Marketplace

Heaven on earth...that's Monticello Antique Marketplace www.monticelloantiques.com  They have kicked off their Fall Show with amazing guest antique dealers, along with the rest of the talented folk.  If you are ever in Portland, make it a destination.
See what I mean?!  This Antique Mall plus warehouse of guest dealers is overflowing with creativity.  How adorable is this!  Little brooms on a leather strap.  So clever, I am taking this idea home with me.
A whole other half of Monticello is called the Salvage Garden.  It's where guest dealers come for just a few shows a year, like the one they got going on now, an bring there best.  Plus the design and decor is to die for!
So simple, so eye catching.  Shoe forms on an old shelf.  I love the numbers painted on the back!
Cabinets and tables galore...Prices, Cheap! This makes me want to get back into the business.  Used to own an Antique Store back in the day called Quimby's Arts and Antiques. 
Okay, who stole my body suit!  I had one just like this in 7th grade.  Only thing missing on me was...boobs.
Two of my favorite things.  Watering cans and wood bowls and troughs.  And of course, decorated to the tee.  Where do they find these amazing decorating dealers!
I am a sucker for mini-stuff.  Just wanted to pick up the carrier and take the whole things.  How sweet.  Little grammar books tied with twine.

You bet I was excited!  I just bought a serving stand that I am going to change into a Host Stand for a new restaurant that I am designing, called Trigger.  The long stick I'm holding is a vintage wood measuring stick. I collect them.  Go to Monticello Antique Marketplace.  Trust me.  You'll love it!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HGTV Magazine Photo Shoot

Pinch me! I was in total Heaven, working with HGTV Magazine Style Director, Frances Bailey.  She flew in from New York to work with me on two kitchens to be featured next year.  Hands down, it was a blast, and I didn't want her to leave. 

What do you get when you cross a Photographer, Style Director, Photographer's Assistant and Photo Stylist?  Organized Chaos.  Lincoln Barbour www.lincolnbarbour.com and Frances Bailey, www.hgtvmagazine.com and Lincoln's assistant Daniel, kindly stopped in the middle of shooting my kitchen for an upcoming feature so I can snap a photo.  Guess Frances and I didn't get the dress memo: wear plaid.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rustic Cabin Salvage at its Best Photo Shoot

Can I move in?  This is a cabin owned by Paula and Ken Hoiland in Oregon.  Steve Cridland and I shot it for a magazine of Harris Publication, thank you Janet Mowat and it just got featured here locally in Portland. 

During their remodel, the Hoiland family saved all the Doug Fir wood and reused it. Furniture was handmade by orginial owner Douglas Huff in 1934

Home owner Paula Hoiland had this desk custom made for her office area, tucked in the corner.  Killer Chair huh!  Gotta love Herman.

Isn't she just the best?!  Paula and I hanging out at the photo shoot.  She grew up playing in the river you see behind us.  Lucky Dog. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garage Sale Galore

Another garage sale in the books.  The weather was perfect, had a blast seeing so many wonderful people, but do admit, it was like pulling teeth letting go of some of my favorite things! But I know they went to loving homes, and I can visit them any time. Well at least that is what I am telling myself!  Makes it easier to say goodbye.

Yes, this is only one year of television DIY projects, magazine projects, and weekends of finding treasures!  Because I too, LOVE to go garage sailing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Salvage Garage Sale and Wholesale Antique Show

I can't keep everything.  Getting ready (takes two weeks) for my garage sale and wholesale antique show, this weekend. Letting go of one of my favorite primitive cabinets.  It's been published over and over in many decorating and design magazines.  Sniff, sniff...but I know it will be loved by someone new!

I have four of these shutters.  Touching story.  They were made by my next door neighbor, Lloyd Wilson in the 1930's.  They have been in my home for the past 20 years.  Were in one of the first magazines I was in, called Country Accents about ten years ago.  Also have some great architectural pieces too!

Garage sales!!!  We love them!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Garage Sale DIY Sign

It's right around the corner.  My annual garage sale, next weekend.  And this year I am combining it with a wholesale antique show too! How can one gal gather so much stuff in one year!  Shocking.

 So just made my DIY garage sale sign for the neighbors.  I put a rake in an umbrella stand and tied a flyer box (with fliers of course) to the rake and weaved my sign with  the rake teeth.  Wham, bam, done.  If only cleaning, pricing and organizing a garage sale was so fast.

Gotta go...have to load up the truck from the storage unit full of primitives to sell! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cherry Picking and Antique Salvage Good Ol' Times

Got out of Dodge and drove to the "Fruit Loop" near Parkdale Oregon.  A variety of farms that you can U-Pick fresh fruit, taste test wines, and just enjoy the beautiful country of Oregon.  Mt. Hood felt so close you could reach out and touch it.

My son Chase (blue shirt) and his buddy Max picking cherries.  Notice Chase is grabbing fists-fulls and Max is picking one at a time.

Cherries were so thick and juicy! Have to admit, couldn't talk while picking because of the mouthful.
We U-Picked Cherries, at Draper Girls Country Farm. It was picturesque. Fresh fruit, a cute little cottage you could rent, antiques for sale. I didin't want to leave!

If only I had room in the Rover to take this bedframe home.  Tried to talk the kids into riding on the hood.  "I could strap you boys down."  But no go.

The simple things in life.  Sunshine, flowers, and colorful chairs at Draper Girls Country Farm.  Years ago I painted all my outdoor furniture different colors too.  And just like these, they look beautiful.  The blessing of leftover paint

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Television Segments

We are kicking off a new DIY series to be submitted for national news broad castings all across the country.  Started filming last week, shooting ten DIY projects a day and am all tongue tied by the end!  This one was what to do with old belts.  Can't give it away, you'll have to watch. 

As soon as I know when and where they are going to air, you'll be the first to know!

Gotta get back to making more DIY projects from stuff we all have lying around the house.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Salvage DIY Wheelbarrow in Natural Home & Garden magazive

I am so fired up about this!  My wheelbarrow water fountain is being featured in the latest issue of Natural Home & Garden magazine.  I had two old wheelbarrows, some broken garden tools and friend who can weld and see my vision...which is not easy sometimes when I bring him junk and DIY drawings.  What do you think?


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Candle DIY, Great for outdoor decorating

It's been so beautiful lately here in Portland.  The late summer nights are warm and so far, no mosquitoes..weird, but wonderful.
Recently I had a couple girlfriends over for some vino.  Wanted to toss in some outdoor lighting so remade a DIY idea I had done on CBS KOIN Studio 6 television.  It's soooo easy.  All you need is a jello mold, some pebbles, water and candle votives, and Ta Da, instant table top candelabra.  
See the vase?  Put a vase of flowers in the center.  Ahhh, so purdy.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LARDO up and Running

Sorry for taking so long to write you about designing the new restaurant LARDO www.lardopdx.com.  Been working night and day (having a blast).  My favorite design idea  that is at LARDO hit me...at 12:40 in the morning!  It's a lighted sign saying PIG OUT.  My talented neighbor Maria Hardison and her husband Tom makes these amazing letters and then I had them mounted on the wall.  When you drive by the restaurant at night, it just glows! 

I found these chairs at Goodwill, not too pretty, actually ugly but see below what a little paint can do!

 Gray paint that I had leftover from my son's bedroom was used to bring the old chairs back to life.  Of course the most important part, they are so comfortable.

In one of the bathrooms of LARDO, I created a "Strip of Bacon".  Don'tcha love it.  They are random pig shaped cutting boards in a row.  The blue tape, temporary, just waiting for the mounting glue to dry.  The rack, a score at a garage sale for a couple bucks.

I wanted to bring a variety of textures and colors to LARDO.  With the amber Doug Fir wood counter top, rough chocolate brown of the columns, the gorgeous crimson red and menu boards made from salvage molding found at The Rebuilding Center www.rebuildingcenter.org

I am making table markers from old wood spoons and scrap wood leftover from our house.   The numbers are burned on which is about as fast as watching glue dry.  Pretty slow, but brainless work, which I don't mind at all.

Folk hanging outside at LARDO at 1212 SE Hawthorne.  We are still working on the outdoor area design wise, but as you can see, it's all about the food! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Remodeled Kitchen, Island Salvaged Wood

Here is a tickle of a whole home remodel that I worked on for nearly three years.  The Kitchen was completely gutted.  We expanded the floorplan, and salvaged Doug Fir for the 3" thick 10' long island.   I also designed a four person work station for each family member that multitasks as a 15' long farm table.  I also painted the bases of both the island and 15' farm style table.

I designed the ice box and with Greenhammer's talent www.greenhammer.com it turned out amazing!  I wanted to break up the creamy cabinetry with something unique.  It's not a real ice box, instead it has a pull out shelf that stores the toaster and other appliances.