Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodwill Hunting Before DIY's

In Portland Oregon we are lucky to have the largest Goodwill industry www.meetgoodwill.org in the nation.  Not only do we have the regular thrift store feel but my favorite is what we locals call "the bins".  It's the last stop of Goodwill shopping.  Rows and rows of bins are full of stuff and folk dive into it all day long. 
Yesterday I spent time scouring through the bins (more like having a blast) and here is what I found. Two tables, two chairs, a rug, some belts, a wisk broom, backgamon pieces, a flower print, and a wood barrell.  Cost $23.86!  I already have found a home for the rug as my front door mat. And the barrell holds my dog "Blue's" leash, towel to wipe off paws and not shown, poop bags.  Didn't think you'd want to see those!  Wait until you see what I do with the rest!


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