Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Before and After, My Old, New Couch

Bought this couch from an estate sale across the street.  A retro three piece sectional.  Wanted to save it because structure and fabric wise it was in perfect condition.  But, bummer, underneath it was covered in mildew. Total yuk

 With burlap found in bins for only $4.00, yeah, I totally freaked...10 yards too! And the perfect gray, soft as ever, my once couch in the driveway is now front row seating at home!  Whatcha think?


crafty1 said...

looks fab, Shannon, but I hope you don't have any pets :) Burlap might snag with critter nails. Love that you are back blogging.

Shannon Quimby said...

Thanks much! Butcha know, I have been reupholstering in burlap for quite some time and haven't noticed any kitty damage and we have two cats. Maybe they have dull nails? Cheers

NIki Warnell said...

Do you do your own upholstery? Or know someone that does? I have a couch I love that is slipcovered and I want to re-do it but it is soooo expensive. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Shannon, do you do your own upholstery? I really want to recover a couch that I love but I'm not sure how to do it, or where to find someplace reasonable. Any ideas? Thanks! ~Niki Warnell

Shannon Quimby said...

I sure wish I did. I can do small jobs but not big ones like my couch. I use Lake Grove Upholstery in Portland Oregon. They have recycled multiple pieces of mine over the years, pick up and deliver and guarantee their work.

Shannon Quimby said...

Lake Grove Upholstery are my choice! Ask for Alexander and tell him Shannon sent ya. I am a strong believer in reusing, a big dur there huh!
Anyway, after searching for months for just the right couch in my price range, wasn't going to happen I found this one. My fabric was $304.00 and Lake Grove charged me $1,500.00. That was over $2,000.00 less then what I was finding new.
Hope that helps!

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