Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Bathrooms in Bedrooms & Baths Magazine

Grocery Store Saga...
No, no, I don't have time.  I'm only here for milk, cereal, and fruit.  But no matter how I control things, I can't control my grocery cart.  It has a mind of it's own.  I can't let go of it.  It would look weird chasing an unmanned (is that a word?) shopping cart down the aisle.  So I hang on and we always end up in front of the magazine section.
OK, OK, I give in, grab a mag whose cover catches my eye, the latest Bedrooms & Baths
"Hey! My bathrooms are featured in here!" I shoot out and flash it to the woman next to me, who I can't happen to notice she's got her cart close by.
Sadly I don't get the reaction I hoped for, cause she like me, only has a few minutes and is absorbed in the latest parenting mag.
I snag it, buy it, of course show it to the check out clerk.  He at least gives me a courteous, "that's nice".
And run home and share with you.  How did it get in the mag.  From photographer Susan Teares and the book I contributed to, Salvage Secrets.


Kim Whitley-Gaynor said...

Congratulations! Hoping one day that my home is featured in a magazine!

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