Saturday, February 4, 2012

Salvaged Beer and Wine Chandelier

When building our home, The REX Project, (Reuse Everything eXperiment) never in my wildest dreams would my chandelier I made with beer and wine bottles found in our laurel hedge get any attention other than my electrician scratching his head.  But it has, French Glamour flew over from Paris, a big "you've got to be kidding!  And my best friend ever, Joanne Palmisano's book, Salvage Secrets.  Photo by the ever talented Susan Teares. 
PS, notice my fence falling down in the upper right hand corner?  What should I DIY that into?


Liliana said...

i just love these chandelier idea!

Linda Hayes said...

Beer and Wine Light fixture

Linda Hayes said...

i would really like to make this chandelier

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