Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Network Girl Power

BFF Joanne Palmisano asked me to be a part of her amazing 8 part series DIY projects for the DIY Network being filmed in Boston.  She is sharing some over the top salvage projects for eight different rooms!

I sketched, prepped, built, painted, bossed around a few folk (in a loving way) plus a whole lot more.  Patty the Director even let me mini-Direct one day.  So COOL!!!

Girl Power Crew from left to right:
Camera, Missy on Camera, Sound was Megan, Joanne,  Hair and Make Up Angela and Mo, me (tool belt chick) and Director Patty.  By day two the crew grew three times.  13 people working side by side.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Room Makeover, Shannon's DIY

It took a while, but I finally finished my living room/dining room makeover.  And am happy to say, it made the cover of The Oregonian, Homes & Gardens.  I painted, redecorated, DIYed, and all in all had fun.  The chair I am sitting in was found with the other one at an estate sale for $35.00 for the pair.  I had them reupholstered in old coffee bean sacks and blue jean denim.

Click on the link to see 20 more photos and read about how I tackled the TV!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Jar Pendant

Over my kitchen island I had installed some inexpensive pendants found at Lowe's  for under $20.00.  But instead of keeping the boring shade I found these glass jars with tin lids at Target, price $5.00.  I cut a hole in the center of the lid and them simply screwed the lid to the end of the pendant.  The pendant already had the do-hickey to screw the lid on.  My favorite part is I am constantly changing what I want to put it the jar.  In the past it's been clothes pins, bracelets, flower frogs, ornaments.  My latest is golf balls. 

Notice the green flower pots I glued to the ceiling to cover the ugly pendant cans.  And vintage marigold trim to finish it off.

One note though, if you want to do this, don't fill the jar up with stuff, no paper either.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rock On! Nature's DIY Hook

"Money doesn't grow on Trees" says my mom.  Really mom?  She's right though and that little phrase has taught me, not to be wasteful with the all mighty dollar.  And that you can always find a way to have something even if it's not in your price range.

For some reason I get these high end decorating catalogs.  You know, the kind that sell expensive candles, or chauch-keys for hundreds.

They had this hook made with a piece of wood, a rock and two pieces of pipe attaching the rock to the wood, for only $75.00 each! Wow, what a steal...not

But I liked their look and thought it would be fun to make a couple.  So a walk to the nearest park with a stream, resulted in some good size rocks, a scrap of a 1' x 4', a piece of metal tube, some glue and a couple hours, presto my version of the high end hook! 

My cost, a couple bucks.

You're right mom, money doesn't grow on trees, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard that..... 

Whatcha need:
One 11/32” x .014 copper tube
Masonry drill bit, 5/16”
Scrap piece of  1” x 6”
Wood drill bit, 5/16”
5 minute Epoxy glue
Sand paper, 150 grit
Mini Tubing Cutter 

How To:

  1. Measure and cut a piece of wood three inches wide and sand the edges.
  2. Measure and cut with the mini tubing cutter, two pieces of tube 1 ½” long.
  3. Using the masonry bit drill two holes, one inch apart from each other lengthwise, into the rock.
  4. Glue one piece of tube into one hole.  Repeat and let dry.
  5.  Place the wood piece under the rock smooth side up so the tubing pieces are facing downward and touching the wood.
  6. Center the rock over the piece of wood and press hard so the tubing will create an imprint onto the wood.  This will determine where you will need to drill two holes.
  7. Using the wood drill, drill two holes into the wood.  Turn the piece upside down and drill one more hole near the center top of the wood.  This is where the nail will insert when you hang the rock up on the wall.
  8. Glue the remaining ends of the tubing into the wood and let dry.
  9. Hang the hook up on the wall.