Friday, June 29, 2012

Remodeled Kitchen, Island Salvaged Wood

Here is a tickle of a whole home remodel that I worked on for nearly three years.  The Kitchen was completely gutted.  We expanded the floorplan, and salvaged Doug Fir for the 3" thick 10' long island.   I also designed a four person work station for each family member that multitasks as a 15' long farm table.  I also painted the bases of both the island and 15' farm style table.

I designed the ice box and with Greenhammer's talent it turned out amazing!  I wanted to break up the creamy cabinetry with something unique.  It's not a real ice box, instead it has a pull out shelf that stores the toaster and other appliances.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fulcrum Fitness, Salvage Design for Bootcamp!

One minute I am working out at Fulcrum Fitness, and the next I am doing salvage interior design for the launch of their Progress Ridge Grand Opening!  I can't wait!  Please join me.  See link for all the details!  Will also be on live TV this Wednesday June 27th! from 5am-7am on NBC, KGW on the Out and About with Drew Carney Drew Carney | Portland 

Drew is helping us drive people, that's including YOU to come this weekend at Progress Ridge Fulcrum Fitness, Saturday June 30th at 9am sharp to be a part of our  60 second Burpee Flash MOB!  that's right, only 60 seconds

It's free all weekend, gobs of prizes, vendors of fitness and health,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paint Up At LARDO

It might not look exciting, but to me, this is AWESOME!  Paint colors are up at the future home of LARDO.   Too bad you can't see the concrete floors...they're killer.  Every day we get a little closer to opening the doors.  Wait until you see what I am making for that back wall.  Hint; it's two words and has something to do with pork.  Is the mind churning?  So come on by soon!  We're thinking, hoping sometime beginning of July.   

Monday, June 18, 2012

LARDO CREW, Making It Happen

Behind the scenes of creating the new restaurant, Lardo in Portland, Oregon.  Soon to be open at 1212 se Hawthorne St.  Rick Gencarelli (with hat on) Chef of Lardo and partner Kurt Huffman of Chefs Table (right end) along with Tim Mencer left end, (Contractor) me next to Tim and Kurt's amazing crew, Jessica and Anson...we are making Rick's dream come true.  His own restaurant.  Portland is so lucky!  Great food, perfect location and a hip place to hang.    

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lardo Restaurant Design, Warp Speed

I am all about getting stuff done.  Hate to dilly dally.  But I think I have finally  met my match.  Lardo's contractor Tim Mencer is giving me a run for the money and I love it!

Subway Tile
Tim; "We need tile choice."
Shannon; "When"
Tim; "This afternoon"
Shannon; "ah...ok", but silently thinking, so much for that lunch date.

Tile is up, check.  Had ten minutes to pick out Grout color, check, check. .

Lardo   is starting to become a visual reality!  When all is done, hope you will stop by and join me in getting back that lost lunch!