Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cherry Picking and Antique Salvage Good Ol' Times

Got out of Dodge and drove to the "Fruit Loop" near Parkdale Oregon.  A variety of farms that you can U-Pick fresh fruit, taste test wines, and just enjoy the beautiful country of Oregon.  Mt. Hood felt so close you could reach out and touch it.

My son Chase (blue shirt) and his buddy Max picking cherries.  Notice Chase is grabbing fists-fulls and Max is picking one at a time.

Cherries were so thick and juicy! Have to admit, couldn't talk while picking because of the mouthful.
We U-Picked Cherries, at Draper Girls Country Farm. It was picturesque. Fresh fruit, a cute little cottage you could rent, antiques for sale. I didin't want to leave!

If only I had room in the Rover to take this bedframe home.  Tried to talk the kids into riding on the hood.  "I could strap you boys down."  But no go.

The simple things in life.  Sunshine, flowers, and colorful chairs at Draper Girls Country Farm.  Years ago I painted all my outdoor furniture different colors too.  And just like these, they look beautiful.  The blessing of leftover paint


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