Monday, September 10, 2012

Antique Show, Monticello Antique Marketplace

Heaven on earth...that's Monticello Antique Marketplace  They have kicked off their Fall Show with amazing guest antique dealers, along with the rest of the talented folk.  If you are ever in Portland, make it a destination.
See what I mean?!  This Antique Mall plus warehouse of guest dealers is overflowing with creativity.  How adorable is this!  Little brooms on a leather strap.  So clever, I am taking this idea home with me.
A whole other half of Monticello is called the Salvage Garden.  It's where guest dealers come for just a few shows a year, like the one they got going on now, an bring there best.  Plus the design and decor is to die for!
So simple, so eye catching.  Shoe forms on an old shelf.  I love the numbers painted on the back!
Cabinets and tables galore...Prices, Cheap! This makes me want to get back into the business.  Used to own an Antique Store back in the day called Quimby's Arts and Antiques. 
Okay, who stole my body suit!  I had one just like this in 7th grade.  Only thing missing on me was...boobs.
Two of my favorite things.  Watering cans and wood bowls and troughs.  And of course, decorated to the tee.  Where do they find these amazing decorating dealers!
I am a sucker for mini-stuff.  Just wanted to pick up the carrier and take the whole things.  How sweet.  Little grammar books tied with twine.

You bet I was excited!  I just bought a serving stand that I am going to change into a Host Stand for a new restaurant that I am designing, called Trigger.  The long stick I'm holding is a vintage wood measuring stick. I collect them.  Go to Monticello Antique Marketplace.  Trust me.  You'll love it!


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