Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Wedding Show

Had the best time ever speaking at the Rose City Bridal Show last week.  Shared my favorite DIY ideas for weddings, that of course are cheap, cheap, cheap...and easy to make.  Notice the garbage can behind me?  I go dumpster diving while up on stage, and in a skirt too!
Photographer, Rebecca from www.anikoproductions.com took some AMAZING photos of the showcases I put together for the show.
Here is a table runner my friend, Annelle Friel and I made together using pages from a book about roses, some scotch tape and hole punch. Turned out great! 

Another DIY buddy of mine, Traci Schaller, who creates Vintage DIY wedding decor accessories, made this menu board.  How adorable is this!  And if you haven't gone yet, you must stay at www.balchhotel.com, that is where you'll find some of Traci's finest vintage wedding DIY ideas.  And wait until you meet the owners, Jeff and Samantha.  The nicest ever!


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