Monday, February 18, 2013

Cast Off Rolling Storage

Storage space. It's something everyone can use more of, especially if you have children. This nifty rolling drawer is easy to make and even easier to fill with whatever goodies you like and roll it under the bed to hide them away.

Here's what you'll need:

Drawer (can find at salvage yard or recycling center)
Rag and water
Two colors of interior latex paint
Paint brush
Four soft rubber general duty 2” x 13/16” Swivel Casters (find at any hardware
store). You might need to buy larger swivel casters, depending on the depth of
the drawer face. The casters must have clearance to roll freely once they are
mounted on the bottom of the drawer.
Phillips drill bit
16 screws (take the drawer to the hardware store to measure the length of the
screws, they cannot be longer then the width of the bottom of the drawer

1. Clean  the drawer
2. Paint the drawer (minus the drawer face) inside and out, one color and let dry

3. Paint the face of the drawer another color and let dry

4. Flip the box upside down and drill each caster in each corner of the drawer

5. Fill with a few of your favorite things and roll it under the bed for safe keeping.


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