Monday, February 25, 2013

Stack it Up Bookshelf Video

Last summer I had the pleasure of working with an amazing production team; Brian Watkins, Autumn Foster and Mara McCloskey to film more than 40 of my favorite Salvage DIY projects. Our goal: To be shown during soft news broadcasting across the country in the coming year.
Here is a preview of one of the videos we made.

 The inspiration behind the project:
Multi-tasking is part of my daily life and my decorating style mirrors that same concept.  Whenever I design a room I constantly ask myself, how can one item be used for more than one reason?  A perfect example of that thought process are my book shelves.  They are stylish, create additional storage, automatically organize a collection and display home accessories.  The best part is it only takes and couple of minutes to make and you never damage a single book.  Wow, function, a quick fix, and personality at the same time! That’s a win-win sort of project in my book.   

Hardcover Books
Measuring tape
One pair of 4” long L brackets
Four 1 ½" long wood screws
Double-sided foam tape
How To:

  1. Select four to six books.  The thickness of the book will determine how many you will actually use.
  2. Screw in one L bracket to wall so it looks like the letter L is sticking out from the wall.  Using the level, screw the other L bracket along side the first one.  The width of the L brackets should be approximately one inch shorter of the end of the corners of the book.
  3. Place one small piece of double-sided foam tape on the inside corner of the backside cover.  Close the book and press it firmly together.  The last page of the book will stick to the back cover creating a pocket.
  4. Slide the book onto the L brackets.  The L brackets should be between the last page and cover, the pocket.
  5. Stack the remaining book on top of the bottom one until the L bracket disappears.   


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