Friday, March 8, 2013

Cottage Style Magazine, Summer 2013

Recently I had died and gone to Heaven. Well at least, a part of Heaven, in the form of a rustic little cabin deep in the woods of Mt. Hood National Forest. It’s the most amazing story of a small home built by two brothers in 1934. Recently it got a facelift but kept all the original charm, hand carved furniture and country feel. Wait until you see it! I photo styled it for Cottage Stye magazine. Will hit the stands on March 5th. You will be blown away by its vintage history (the little home saved a man’s life) and whimsy appeal. And you’ve got the check out the original stove that the homeowners still use today. 

Photos by Steve Cridland

In the same issue of Cottage Style, is an editorial I wrote, "Salvage Saves the Day!" It highlights some of the most popular salvage materials being used for design and decor right now. Thanks to Janet Mowat, Managing Editor, for picking up the story!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely fell in love with the bedroom photos on page 24. I would like to duplicate the look but don't know where to find the seashell fabric. Can anyone lend some help

Shannon Quimby said...

It's not one of the stories I wrote, but I will be happy to contact the Editor-In-Chief and see if I can help find that for you.

Anonymous said...

How do you subscribe to this magazine?
I love it!

Shannon Quimby said...

Cottage Style does not have a subscription. The next issue is coming out in March 2014. And keep an eye out in May for its sister pub, American Dream Cottages There is also a Facebook page

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