Monday, March 11, 2013

Girl's Room Re-Do on A Budget

About six months ago Eilise Shannon, a middle school student, approached me about mentoring her on a school project, an ambitious one. She didn't want to simply paint a flower pot, or re-do a dresser, but instead she set her sites on a two room makeover for her good friend Quinn. How could I say no to that?

Here's where we started six months ago:

Eilise and I have been working together for months to complete this makeover on a budget of $350. She wanted to DIY everything! I should have known with a last name like Shannon, this young woman would make a fantastic DIY protege.

We scoured Quinn's attic, basement and garage looking for unused furniture and other forgotten treasures. We also made a field trip to the Goodwill Bins, where we found old frames to make magnetic display boards with pieces of tin. Almost every piece of furniture in Quinn's "new" room was something we found and fixed up. Both rooms were painted and so was all of the furniture. The only new items purchased were bedding, throw rugs, and small accessories.

Quinn is an aspiring artist so we made a dedicated creative space for her art studio. Her closet was transformed into a dressing room. The vintage baby crib below, had been used by Quinn and all four of her brothers as babies, but now it's a sofa bed in her dressing room. Mom was so touched to see it used in the project.

After months of hard work and planning, Eilise finally got to do her big reveal last weekend. Quinn hadn't seen anything we'd been working on and when she entered her new room all she could say was "oh my gosh" a million times! It was so fun to see her reaction. I am so very proud of Eilise and all she has accomplished. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many DIY projects she'll complete in her lifetime.  There are about 30 different projects within this two room makeover, I'll be highlighting some of them in future blog posts. Stay tuned!


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