Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ugly Hotel Art DIY'd Into Office Organizers

You've seen it before, those faux paintings that adorn the walls of... well let's just say... hotels that are less than a three star rating.  I see these all the time at Goodwill and always thought "what could I change these into?" Whelp, here you go, two of my latest DIY transformations. 

In this first project, you'll need a three ring binder, an old tee-shirt and 3 panels cut to the size of the front, back and spine of the binder.

Using the binder as a pattern, cut three pieces of the hotel art work to fit each panel of the outside of the binder. Use spray adhesive to affix them to the binder. Then cut 1" wide strips of the tee-shirt to wrap the perimeter of each panel and then use spray adhesive on each strip to wrap the edges around each panel and the binder.

You can also make your own clip boards by cutting up a painting like the one shown here. (Score! only $5.00!)

Then, paint the panels any variety of colors to match your room.

Use bulldog clips (easy to find at any art supply store) to turn your panels into clipboards and hang on the wall, like so. What do you think? What would you do to transform this old painting into something useful for your home?


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