Thursday, April 25, 2013

HGTV Magazine Kitchen Remodel

A while back I posted behind-the-scenes photos from this project. It is one of my most favorite kitchens I have ever photostyled and wrote about. Home owner Kerri Hoyt-Pack and designer Anne DeWolfe from Arciform are just the perfect home-owner/designer team. Their talents fused to create Kerri's amazing kitchen makeover. With all the salvage and reclaimed materials blended in with the modern conveniences  for today’s lifestyle this kitchen, in my opinion, should receive national design awards. Here are some photos in case you missed the magazine.


Kay Konecna said...

Hi Shannon, do you know where can I find the blue cooker? It's an absolute stunner! I'm planning a kitchen makeover and it would suit my apartment perfectly :)
Thank you

Shannon Quimby said...

Hi Kay,
The range is a La Canche model called Cluny. It's stunning isn't it!

Kim Whitley-Gaynor said...

I LOVED, loved, LOVED this kitchen the minute I saw it!

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