Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 1902 Victorian Remodel Part One

We are knee deep in remodeling the 1902 Victorian home that we've owned for nearly 20 years now. Some time in the home's history the bathroom had been converted into a laundry room and walk-in closet but we wanted to do right by this lovely old home, so we set out to convert the space back to the bathroom.

   As we began peeling back layers of wall paper and that super hip wood paneling left behind by the 1970s, I saw something! It was bright! It was colorful! And just as I thought to myself, "could it be ... original tile?!" Nope, not even close. Instead it was old vinyl pretending to be tile. Sigh. Well, that's one more layer to peel back.

  The good news? It's really coming along. In just a few weeks the bathroom will be a bathroom again, complete with a gorgeous clawfoot tub, vintage tin ceiling and a custom painted floor, by local artist Joy Corgain.


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