Thursday, April 11, 2013

Set Styling: A Behind the Scenes Peek

 I love photo styling homes for national decorating and design magazines. Recently, I was contacted by Samantha Hart, editor-in-chief of Beautiful Kitchens and Baths, (a special interest pub from Better Homes & Gardens) about  styling an incredible kitchen that I had submitted to her, best described as a fusion of classic and modern.  It was a super day of working in an amazing small kitchen and super time working with the talented photographer Laurie Black.  

Before you can style a beautiful kitchen, you have to go shopping to gather just the right stuff, and boy did I find lots of great stuff! You always see the pristinely styled homes on the glossy pages of your favorite magazines but this is the behind-the-scenes shot of what happens before the shoot. It’s official. I am a bag-lady.

Keep an eye out for the after photos coming your way real soon!


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