Monday, May 27, 2013

Before and After: 1902 Old Portland Home Kitchen

As I mentioned in a previous post we spent six weeks remodeling our 1902 Old Portland home. I searched high and low for the most amazing salvage pieces to incorporate into the remodel. Have a look at the before shot of the kitchen:

I found the most amazing 4' x 6' work table with cast iron wheels, that was destined to become the kitchen island. Can you find the hand in this photo? That disembodied hand belongs to my oh-so-talented framer, Bill Early. It may not look like much in the photo below but just wait for the after photo...

Pretty incredible transformation, eh? In addition to the kitchen island there were so many unique DIY touches I added to make this room really cook!  The 1’ x 10’ fir plank that I have been hoarding for the past 8 years finally finds a home as kitchen shelving. I made the two lights over the island from giant glass jars and the floor is original wide plank doug fir. What do you think?


Kim Whitley-Gaynor said...

What an incredible island!

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