Friday, May 31, 2013

Top Ten How To Host a Garage Sale Tips

The Top Ten How to Host a Garage Sale Tips

 Part of spring cleaning is purging all that cool, old stuff that has been gathering dust in your basement, attic and/or garage. It's prime time for garage sales (or yard sales, tag sales depending on your regional dialect)! I have hosted many a yard sale over the years, so here are my tips to help you hock your wares like a pro!
  1. Everything must be clean. Dust off the surfaces, wipe down any schmutz. Clean items are much more appealing.
  2. Price and label everything! And be sure your price to sell. Remember, you're not a retail store, you want this stuff to move. Be ready to negotiate but have a visible starting price. True garage salers love to negotiate and they will try to negotiate with you, so make sure your know your rock bottom prices in advance.
  3. Display, display, display. Think of it as your own mini pop up store in your house. Make vignettes. Merchandise like objects together in a way that is visibly appealing. Raising things up off the ground is always a good idea. Borrow tables if need be, but getting things off the ground makes it easier to shop, and neater in appearance too.
  4. As you work on your display, be sure to hang up all clothes. Do not place in a box or pile. This will only lead to a big mess and make it harder for your customers to shop. You can make one price for clothing items: "Shirts $2". 
  5. Set up a cashier station. Have a money box with plenty of change, a calculator, tape measures, extra pens and pencils, newspaper and recycled grocery bags for packing fragile items.
  6. Sold stickers are a great tool. I like to use BIG RED SOLD stickers. It's makes people excited and creates a sense of urgency for those tire kickers.
  7. Speaking of tire kickers and sold stickers, never put anything on hold. If they want it bad enough they will come back for it. That saying "if you love something, set it freee..." totally applies here.
  8.  Signage is huge! Make easy-to-read signs, using BOLD, bright colors that can be seen from the car as folks speed by. Place your signs at busy intersections in and around your neighborhood. Make sure the signs VISIBLE from the road! You can also raise awareness by advertising on Craigs List, posting on Facebook, and through the classifieds of your local newspapers.
  9. Provide water, or lemonade- my son makes a killing at his lemonade stand! Something cool and refreshing on hot summer days can help loosen the purse strings.
  10. Be Ready for the earlybirds. I always just let them buy- better to sell stuff early then be stuck packing it all back up at the end of the day. 
Have some of your own tips you'd like to share? I always love to get new ideas, so please post comments about your favorite garage sales strategies. Good luck and have fun!


Candy said...

When is your next garage sale? Thanks for all the tips. Love your blog. I am glad to meet you last year. Excited to show you what I have learnt and done :)

Shannon Quimby said...

My next garage sale is only a month away! June 27th-28th. Sat and Sun. And this one is going to be HUGE!!!!

Skaie (sky) Knox said...

I love using an EZ-up tarp to attract passersby and to set the stage for my garage sale event! It also keeps people cool (not to mention my hubby, Matt and me), comfortable and more interested in browsing! Thanks for these great tips! I'm throwing a sale this coming weekend! Wish us luck!

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