Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Portland Hardware & Architectural Inspires Second Hand Clock Hooks

I love the way Bret Hodgert thinks.  He’s one of my creative buddies and whenever I’m in his neck of the woods  I swing by Old Portland Hardware and Architectural to see what  he’s been up to. During my last visit, he showed me picture frames he made from broken clocks.  “Oh my gosh, that is so simple and brilliant” secretly wishing I thought of the idea.
We began bouncing ideas off one another trying to figure out what else we could do with the remaining clock fixtures.  And before heading home, I knew exactly how to transform those leftover clock faces!

Pretty brilliant, right? It's super easy too.


  • Hack Saw
  • ¼” diameter piece of copper tubing.  Smallest  size is 1ft. in length
  • Multiple sizes of clock faces.  I used three
  • 2” long screw
  • Screw driver
  • Glue
  • Drill

How To:
1. Glue one clock face plate on top of another.  Let dry.
2. Using a hack saw, cut the copper tube to 1 ½" long.
3. Insert a screw into the third clock face, making sure the numbers face the head of the screw. (You may need to dill a larger hole)
4.Thread the screw through the copper tube and the last two clock faces.  Once again be sure the numbers are facing away from the wall.
5. Drill the piece into the wall.
6. Hang up your coat, or bag.

To make Bret's Clock Picture Frames:

• Clock (both wall mounted or table top styles will work)
• Photo
• Scissors

How To:
1. Keeping the glass front intact. Remove the guts of the clock.  Try not to break anything.  You will reuse the back of the clock again.
2. Cut photo to cover the entire size of the glass and insert the photo from inside the clock, with photo facing forward.
3. Attach the backside of the clock.

Note:  Depending on the style of the clock, you might have to remove the guts after removing the front glass section.

Here are some fun shots I took of Bret's store. You've gotta stop by!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Published DIY Projects for Sale at My Garage Sale, June 29th June 30th!

Trunk, Antler, bowl and books...garage sale...
Not one, but Two DIY Side tables for sale...where??? My Garage Sale.
My all time fave!  My wine cork Chandelier for sale too...yep time to let it go.  Besides I have hundreds of corks, can make another one, even though it takes hours...Great TV time though.
I made two of these organizers from old coffee bean burlap bags...can be yours, one for only $8.00 and one for $5.00 yep, $5.00
All these projects have been featured either online or published in national magazines!
This weekend.  Want to come?  Email me at

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HUGE Garage Sale Sneak Peek

It's that time of year again- Shannon and Lauren's Annual Big Garage Sale is back! Nine years of hosting this thing, and every year is bigger and better than the last. What's on sale this year?

Garden and furniture decor, computer, printers, stereos, sports equipment, desks, books, electronics, tables, workshop tools, dressers rugs, lighting, dishes, clothing, toys, fabric, outdoor umbrellas and stands, DVD's & CD's, DIY projects (many that have been published in national design magazines, like HGTV), glassware, paints, benches, home decor, shelving, building supplies, furniture, holiday items, flower pots, storage bins, high end car parts & tires, ladders and so much more.

And if that weren't enough to entice you, I am also offering many wholesale antiques: a metal cottage vanity, artwork,harvest table, quilts, vintage signs, wood columns, cupboards, chairs, lighting, wheelbarrows, pottery, garden, architectural moldings, rugs, suitcases, primitives, trunks, stools, dressers, screen door, iron decor, enamelware, old toys, beds, cabinets, it's really way too much to list it all!

Because I love my blog readers so very much- here is a sneak peek of the goods, just for you!

Make your wish list, measure those spaces, bring a tape measure and come early to get the best stuff before it's GONE!

Where: 2030 SE Rex Street, Portland, OR 97202 (Westemoreland Neighborhood)

When: Saturday, June 29th, Sunday June 30th from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Don't be square, see you there! Yeah, I did just say that...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Salvage Beach House Makeover Cover Story

Check out my recent cover story for the Oregonian Homes and Gardens. One look and you'll see, it’s no surprise that Chelsea and Brandt Kaemingk’s beach house is featured in the Oregonian’s Home & Gardens section. This couple truly are a salvage design-build dream team. They walk their talk. From kitchen shelves made out of bunk beds, to finding practically everything at an outlet, or salvage yard, or recycle center, their beach home of house part castaways saved them thousands of dollars. They recently sold another home in Lincoln City, Oregon. Of course, filled with salvage design and d├ęcor. Wanna see more? Check out Chic Design Investments or scroll back to an earlier post I did on trading homes with them earlier this year.

Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY: Summer Table Top Decor for Summer Solstice

Photo courtesy of Steve Cridland

The warm weather has us entertaining outside more often. Any excuse to spend time on the patio with friends, sharing good food, fresh air and great company. I don't know about you, but I love finding creative ways to set the table and display that yummy food in a way that looks as good as it tastes. Here's an easy way to bring some visual interest to your table- add a little height with these cake plates you can make yourself. 

What You Need:
  • Tin canister or vase
  • Spray paint, two different colors (If you want to duplicate this look, I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch  "Berry Pink"  and Krylonindoor/outdoor "Ivy Leaf" colors both in a gloss finish)
  • Metal tray, I used both round and oval shapes
  • Glue (I like to use Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  • Your favorite treats- and don't feel limited to sweets, you can use these for just about anything: ribs, wings, burgers, muffins... 

How To Make It:
1.  Spray paint the outside of the tin vase and let dry
2.  Spray paint the entire (top and bottom) metal tray using the second color, and let dry.
3.  Turn the tin vase upside down and apply a generous amount of glue on the flat top (formerly the bottom)
4.  Center the metal tray on top of the tin vase press down and then let dry.

Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy those summer get togethers (notice Larry the cat is waiting for no one.)

Photo Courtesy of Steve Cridland

Monday, June 17, 2013

Before and After: DIY Bathroom

If you've been following along, you know I have just completely overhauled my 1902 Old Portland Home. I've shared the finished kitchen and master bath but, the second bathroom is one of my favorites (ok, every room is sort of my favorite but...) and full of DIY projects that add a personal touch.

When we bought the house in 1996, this bedroom was converted into a bathroom. Yes, the toilet is on a throne. Note: the brass sink and enclosed walk in shower, that required two steps up.

During construction: notice the steps are gone and walls are going up for the new master  bathroom. The new walk in shower will be in that alcove.
Why yes, those are old bugles coming out of a wash basin, turned light fixture!

Those rolling shower curtain hangers are cool and all, but a little rustic twine (a quick trip to the hardware store) adds a lot of personality, don't you think? Plus, it solved my too-short-shower-curtain dilemma.
Found this wash basin at Monticello Antique Marketplace, originally it was too short, no shelves and the hole was too small. Deal breaker? Not even! I added legs, repurposed some old fence boards for shelves, and re-sized the opening to fit the sink. Oh, and I painted it, of course.

There's some great history behind this house. Darwin Otto and Brent Heeb, owners of the Stars Antique Malls, used to live here. When they moved I inherited all the vintage brass fixtures. Yeah, I was jumping up and down! I decided to pass on their random act of kindness to the new homeowners. The shower fixture, sink, faucets, t.p. holder, and towel hooks all brass. All gorgeous.

When designing this bathroom I wanted to mix modern flare with nostalgic feel: a combination of pebble rock and subway tiles, with a pewter colored grout, minus a big glass door created oversized space in a small bathroom.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Found Free on the Side of the Road New DIY Project: Part II

So, I bet the suspense has been killing you! What ever became of those cast iron ground cover plates I found last month?

How's that for a crafty DIY project? Ground cover plate becomes towel bar. Just. Like. That.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Does This Thing Work? (Review)

I was recently called upon to weigh in on the Rust-Oleum Economy Spray Grip, for an article in the Oregonian, written by my good friend Anne Jaeger. The company's advertising claims that it  "turns any spray can into a spray gun." The accessory fits atop aerosol cans and costs less than $5 (at home improvement and paint stores, Walmart, Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts and online). How did it stack up? Read the article to find out. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art + Travel = DIY Nostalgia & Inspiration

Sometimes you need to be reminded about the simple things in life. My dear friend Nicole Curcio, recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro and everywhere she turned she saw art that was reused, upcycled or reflected inspiration of childhood days. I don’t know about you, but my son's artwork has no rules, and that makes it some of the best I have ever seen. During her travels Nicole met artist, Aline Campbell, by staying with her through Air BnB. Aline shared her string art and philosophy on life.

To create this ornate design, Aline hammered 750 nails directly in her piano.

Nicole fell in love with this piece and brought it back to Portland to show me.

 After watching this video she made for her Open Doors experiment, you can see that her take on life is the same as her art. Simple. Beautiful. Inspiring and anybody can do it. Thank you Aline for reminding us to slow down and make our own string art.