Monday, June 17, 2013

Before and After: DIY Bathroom

If you've been following along, you know I have just completely overhauled my 1902 Old Portland Home. I've shared the finished kitchen and master bath but, the second bathroom is one of my favorites (ok, every room is sort of my favorite but...) and full of DIY projects that add a personal touch.

When we bought the house in 1996, this bedroom was converted into a bathroom. Yes, the toilet is on a throne. Note: the brass sink and enclosed walk in shower, that required two steps up.

During construction: notice the steps are gone and walls are going up for the new master  bathroom. The new walk in shower will be in that alcove.
Why yes, those are old bugles coming out of a wash basin, turned light fixture!

Those rolling shower curtain hangers are cool and all, but a little rustic twine (a quick trip to the hardware store) adds a lot of personality, don't you think? Plus, it solved my too-short-shower-curtain dilemma.
Found this wash basin at Monticello Antique Marketplace, originally it was too short, no shelves and the hole was too small. Deal breaker? Not even! I added legs, repurposed some old fence boards for shelves, and re-sized the opening to fit the sink. Oh, and I painted it, of course.

There's some great history behind this house. Darwin Otto and Brent Heeb, owners of the Stars Antique Malls, used to live here. When they moved I inherited all the vintage brass fixtures. Yeah, I was jumping up and down! I decided to pass on their random act of kindness to the new homeowners. The shower fixture, sink, faucets, t.p. holder, and towel hooks all brass. All gorgeous.

When designing this bathroom I wanted to mix modern flare with nostalgic feel: a combination of pebble rock and subway tiles, with a pewter colored grout, minus a big glass door created oversized space in a small bathroom.


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This bathroom is absolutely stunning! I love every rustic detail! I cannot wait to see the reaction your post gets today when it's featured! I know everyone will LOVE it! :)

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