Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Portland Hardware & Architectural Inspires Second Hand Clock Hooks

I love the way Bret Hodgert thinks.  He’s one of my creative buddies and whenever I’m in his neck of the woods  I swing by Old Portland Hardware and Architectural to see what  he’s been up to. During my last visit, he showed me picture frames he made from broken clocks.  “Oh my gosh, that is so simple and brilliant” secretly wishing I thought of the idea.
We began bouncing ideas off one another trying to figure out what else we could do with the remaining clock fixtures.  And before heading home, I knew exactly how to transform those leftover clock faces!

Pretty brilliant, right? It's super easy too.


  • Hack Saw
  • ¼” diameter piece of copper tubing.  Smallest  size is 1ft. in length
  • Multiple sizes of clock faces.  I used three
  • 2” long screw
  • Screw driver
  • Glue
  • Drill

How To:
1. Glue one clock face plate on top of another.  Let dry.
2. Using a hack saw, cut the copper tube to 1 ½" long.
3. Insert a screw into the third clock face, making sure the numbers face the head of the screw. (You may need to dill a larger hole)
4.Thread the screw through the copper tube and the last two clock faces.  Once again be sure the numbers are facing away from the wall.
5. Drill the piece into the wall.
6. Hang up your coat, or bag.

To make Bret's Clock Picture Frames:

• Clock (both wall mounted or table top styles will work)
• Photo
• Scissors

How To:
1. Keeping the glass front intact. Remove the guts of the clock.  Try not to break anything.  You will reuse the back of the clock again.
2. Cut photo to cover the entire size of the glass and insert the photo from inside the clock, with photo facing forward.
3. Attach the backside of the clock.

Note:  Depending on the style of the clock, you might have to remove the guts after removing the front glass section.

Here are some fun shots I took of Bret's store. You've gotta stop by!


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