Monday, July 29, 2013

Name My1966 Chevy Pick-up

I have been cruising the streets of Portland with my trusty friend, an 1966 Orange  Chevy pick-up truck for 10 years now. We've scored some serious side-of-the-road treasure. Even at 46 years old this classic turns heads when we're on the hunt. One time while garage saling, I came back to find a man's legs sticking out from under her; he just had to check out her engine!

What I am trying to say here is we've been through a lot and this classic needs a name. Some names haven't stuck (Mabel, Gertie and Gus). Now, dear reader, I turn to you; help me name my truck!

Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.  Bragging rights could be yours if the name sticks.

Look forward to our monthly "Adventures of (Name of Truck)" posts.

Here are a few photos to help you get better acquainted:


Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

I love old trucks and this one is a real beauty! I hope to own a pink one some day Hugs, Leena

Skaie (sky) Knox said...

Gosh, she's a beaut! I love naming my cars. I wish I met her when I was up there. It sounds like she's hauled a lotta loads. One name that comes to mind is "Lolo" or Lois-an oldie but goodie (oh, and my mom's name :D). Or you could go a little more on the nose and name her "Pumpkin"? Like I said, it's hard to name "someone" you haven't met...standing by to see whatcha choose! Good luck!

Bernadette Ferguson said...

I think Creamsicle would make a pretty good name from the looks of her.

darlene ratliff said...

love the truck. it reminds me of a beautiful sunset. sunset I drive a 1970 blue chevy truck name is old blue.

darlene ratliff said...

love the truck. the truck reminds me of a beautiful sunset. sunset .I also drive a 1970 blue chevy pickup named old blue.
another name spice

LivingVintage said...

Wow! Nice truck. How about Orange Blossom?

Anonymous said...

Q! Joy here... Gotta moniker for ya!

Penelope...Penny for short. Because she's the color of a new penny and because a whole lotta "pennies" is what you save (for yourself and for those who follow you lead) by doing what you do!

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