Monday, July 15, 2013

The Internet: Making the DIY World a Much Smaller Place

In my world of working with talented editors, publishers, producers, and bloggers, I rarely get to meet them face to face.  All of our communication is done through emails and phone calls.  I still don’t know how to Skype, yeah I know, “L” on the forehead.

But recently, Skaie Knox and hubby, Matt Knox who I have been working with for years, traveled to Portland and stayed with me.  It was the biggest hug ever!  Can I just say…they are the nicest couple you’ll ever meet!  We laughed, we shared stories, but most of all we talked DIY!!!  I was in heaven.
Internet is a good thing, but it will never beat friends standing side by side.
Want to be DIY inspired, Check out Skaie’s blog Home Jelly for the skinny on  everything from design inspiration, to DIY Projects, to Before & After photos, unique product/antique finds and so much more.


Skaie (sky) Knox said...

Skaie, here! I have to say Shannon (or, as I call her "Q") is the most incredible designer/decorator/re-everything-er and a wonderful hostess (along with her fabulous hubby, Glenn and cutie-pie son, Chase), whom I am so proud to call my friend. Just know, that my home decor/DIY work is highly inspired by this woman, and I am always excited to see what she's gonna do next! Cheers Shannon-Shan-Shan!

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