Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in My 1966 Pick Up

Typical day in the life of ... me.  Beautiful late summer night walk with hubby. "Look at that!" I say. It was an old closet door with an inlayed beveled mirror, marked with my favorite four letter word: "Free." Hubby looks at me and says "I suppose you want me to get the truck." He knows me so well.

Can't wait to start my newest DIY project. What would you turn this into?


Skaie (sky) Knox said...

I would clean it up a little, and, depending on its finish, either keep as is, or splash a coat of paint on it, then use it as a stand-up mirror (with really cool vintage hinges and a warm-stained wood lean-to piece) or, I would hang it above a bar area-inside or out. "Free" signs rule!

Shannon Quimby said...

You read my mind!

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