Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Today's Vintage DIy Project: Step On Style

     If you haven’t noticed lately, stairs are no longer off limits to interior DIY design.  Bright colors are being painted on them; tile or stenciled words added to risers, even runners have become flashy and fancy.  Yes, the designs look amazing but the downside is it’s a decorating commitment. If you change your mind and want your stairs returned to their original look, it’s going to cost time and money.
     That’s where sticky back Velcro tape comes into play.  You can use it to add accessories to your stair risers without damage.  And if your decorating style needs freshened up, just peel it off and start over.  My stairs are adorned with address numbers that I have spray painted one color.  A couple pieces of sticky back Velcro tape secures them in place until I want to alter my stairs some other way.  It was only a couple dollars to make, adds whimsy to the staircase and no damage done.    With DIY decorating, the sky is the limit or at least to the top of the stairs.


  1. Address numbers
  2. Can of spray paint.  If you are using a combination of plastic, metal or brass numbers use the appropriate paint
  3. Velcro Sticky Back tape.  You can find this at any hardware store
  4. Scissors
  5. Stairs
  6. Drop cloth

How To:

  1. Prep for spray painting your numbers.  Also make sure the numbers are clean and dry.
  2. Spray two coats of paint on each side of each number making sure the number is dry before spraying the second coat.
  3. Press the two strips of Velcro together and cut small pieces, not wider than the number.  You don’t want to see any tape sticking out of the edges of the number.
  4. Place two small pieces of tape on each number.  One on the top and one on the bottom.
  5. Find the center of the riser and press your number onto it.
  6. Continue the same instructions until all risers have numbers on them.

Note: Stairs comprise of treads (the horizontal board you step on) and risers (the vertical board the tread sits on)

If you're looking for more ideas on decorating your stairs, Country Living's site offers up some fun and colorful ideas too!


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