Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ReFresh, Better Homes & Gardens, Behind the scenes, Kitchen Photo Shoot

Just completed a killer photo shoot for the second issue of ReFresh, a Special Interest Publication magazine of Better Homes & Gardens.  Photographer Laurie Black and her husband Mark are such a super team to work with!  Be careful...this was a trip hazard for sure!

I couldn't help myself!  I broke the cardinal photo styling rule.  Don't eat the props!  But the peaches were so big, and looked so yummy!  A prop secret, don't tell anyone, I just turned it around to hide the bite marks, shhhhhhh.


Mark and Laurie discussing lighting and my friend Joy Corgain who stopped by, taking a look at my assignment sheets.  We captured some amazing shots.  Can't wait to share them with you.  Grab a copy of ReFresh, you will love it.  It's packed full of so many decorating and design ideas and I love the kick back style it showcases.  Red water bottle not included in any shot. ha!


Anonymous said...

Hey Q, am I gonna get residuals for the use of my image here...?

Daily Airedale said...

Can you tell us the paint color used in the kitchen? Beautiful orange - they are hard to fine.

Shannon Quimby said...

The Kitchen orange is Miller’s Mexican Spirit 0984, OR-5b. thanks!

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