Monday, August 5, 2013

Salvage DIY Weddings

How many weddings have you been invited to this summer? It sure is that time of year! If you are getting married, helping a friend throw together an outdoor ceremony/reception or are just getting ideas for more formal outdoor entertaining, here are a few of my favorite festive DIY projects  that I created for the big day.

Photo courtesy of ANIKO Productions 
Nothing says "Just Married" like soup cans, scrap lumber and a torn sheet. With so many cyclists pedaling around Portland, I thought why not apply the old tin-cans-behind-the-car to his and her bicycles? Add a vintage bike basket to carry the bouquet and you are ready to pedal off into the sunset, as you begin your happily ever after.

Photo courtesy of ANIKO Productions 

Finding ample seating is a breeze too! Just mix and match old wooden folding chairs for a more eclectic look. I partnered with Traci Schallar, of Reclaimed Wedding Design, who replaced the traditional pew bows & floral arrangements with burlap roses and stones at the base of each row. Talk about creating elegant simplicity on a budget!

Photo courtesy of ANIKO Productions 

You can also create your own alter by stacking rustic wooden trunks and flanking them with painted saw horses. This photo was taken at the Convention Center last year so you'll have to imagine a beautiful backdrop beyond the window: insert Mt. Hood or the Oregon Coast here. If you don't have time to track down just the right pieces of salvage you can rent them from Commonwealth salvage rentals. They're super helpful and have so much fun stuff to share.

Photo courtesy of ANIKO Productions 

A well placed wooden gate acts as the welcome center to the ceremony. Using ribbon or old fabric and a piece of wood you can write the bride and groom's names to make sure everyone is in the right place. Instead of spending a fortune on cut flowers, topiaries are a great alternative and can be planted in the garden after the honeymoon, or gifted to special friends and family members. You can select fabric that matches the wedding colors to help tie it all together (by the way, what you see here is a torn up old blanket).

Photo courtesy of ANIKO Productions 

Last but not least, an old rake and glass mason jars make whimsical mood lighting to illuminate tables or the dance floor after dark. 

What fun wedding items have you made? I'm always looking for new ideas to share!


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