Friday, September 20, 2013

Dreamy Natural Accessories Right in Your Own Backyard

For me, the best part about using natural items to make decorative accessories for the home is they are accessible right outside the front door and don’t cost a thing.  Their detailed textures, coordinating colors, and abundant supply allows us to create art without following the rules of design.

I spent a couple of relaxing hours of molding, bending and twisting twigs to produce letters to make the word DREAM.   With wire and some of Mother Nature’s one of a kind shapes I was able to transform the pile of yard debris into future wall art and monogrammed custom gifts.  My dream of creating beauty from Earth’s simple treasures, easily became a reality.  


1.    A variety of twigs, dried lavender, wheat, feathers.  I gathered most of the items from my yard.  Dried Lavender and wheat can be found at a florist shop.
2.    24 gauge dark steel wire. 
3.    Needle nose pliers.

How To:

1.    Choose items that look similar to partial shapes of the letter you want to create.
2.    Place items on each other to form the letter.
3.    With the needle nose pliers, wrap and secure steel wire around each connecting point of the letter.
4.    Repeat same process for each letter.

Note:  these are very delicate and must be handled with care. 


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