Monday, September 23, 2013

Salvage Sites- Go to SCRAP

There are tons of second hand and thrift stores all over the country. The concept of reusing and repurposing is really catching on and Portland's SCRAP has taken it to the next level. Founded by a group of teachers back in 1998, as a place for fellow educators to bring their leftover classroom materials, they have grown into a well known creative re-use center here in Portland and have since opened satellite locations in Denton,TX; Washington D.C.; Humboldt, CA; and Traverse City, MI.

SCRAP is an ideal resource for gathering DIY project materials but what really sets them apart?

  •  In the 2013 fiscal year, SCRAP diverted over 140 tons of usable material from the waste stream—an increase of 22,000 pounds over the previous year!
  • They offer classes and education field trips for people of all ages: preschoolers to grown-ups can learn the value, vocabulary and concepts of reducing and reusing.
  • SCRAP offers a program for businesses (often the largest creators of landfill) where they'll pick up goods for donation, effectively diverting them from landfills. Think land empties, instead.

Here's just a couple items from their site, both for under $5.00.

Like what you see? You can follow their blog for updates on events, workshops, project ideas and opportunities to get involved. I hope to run into you while dropping off my latest contribution to the land empty.


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