Monday, September 9, 2013

September Today's Vintage DIY: Mailbox Repurposed

It's amazing the treasures you can score just by keeping your eyes open. There was a house being torn down two blocks from mine. I was confident there would be some things worth salvaging inside, so I called the contractor to ask if I could poke around and do a little pillaging to save some of the architectural details before the place came down. Well, it was worth the call! I snagged a wooden screen door (now on my front door), lights, drawers, glass door knobs address numbers and the mailbox you see in my September Today's Vintage column!

Transforming this dirty old mailbox was a snap; just clean off the dirt, add spray paint, mount it on the wall and sha-zam! Meet your new decorative bathroom organizer. There are lots of uses for old mailboxes, what projects would you use them for? 

Pick up the September issue of Today's Vintage (for free) to get the skinny on how-to make this project and more fun antique & salvage tips and news.


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