Friday, September 13, 2013

Sneak Preview: Upcycled Blanket

I am so excited about a new adventure & collaboration I am snuggling up to. It's too soon to share the finished project but here's the back story:

Last spring I met the fabulous Akiko Oguchi, maker of upcycled handbags & accessories and owner of 5th Season Designs. Get two like minded DIYers together and not only did we become fast friends but we hatched this idea for a DIY project that's comfy and cozy and sure to be favorite as the weather becomes cooler. 

We've been fabric hunting at the Goodwill bins, having way too much fun! This is just the beginning of our amazing new blanket. Hint: think postal, but not in the bad way.

Akiko makes all of her products from reclaimed clothing and textiles she gathers here in Portland. The goal: to reduce consumption and waste by thinking creatively about how to find a new use for items once they've worn out. She does a pretty fantastic job! Check out her site and you'll see exactly what I mean. Yes, she is my salvage DIY sista.

We'll be ready to share our product collaboration in a few weeks. Anyone care to guess what it is we're putting together? And if you live in Portland, would you like to be part of our pre-launch focus group?


Beatrice Raye Huth said...

Yes, I'm ready to join! Raye of JennyLeeGeneralStore

Beatrice Raye Huth said...

Yes, I'm ready to join; looks like fun!

Shannon Quimby said...

Great! We will add you to the list!


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