Thursday, October 10, 2013

My DIY Ladder for the October Issue of Today's Vintage

I love taking walks on the coast with an empty bag to scout for treasures washed up on shore. Driftwood is abundant and offers endless possibilities for DIY projects. This month, in my column in Today's Vintage, I share one of those possibilities- a decorative driftwood ladder. 

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

  • Two long pieces of driftwood approximately 7ft long (these will the side rails)
  • Six shorter pieces of driftwood approximately 2-3ft long (these will be the ladder rungs)
  • White paint 
  • Scrap leather 
  • Scissors

*Note; tree branches can be substituted for driftwood

How To:
1. Paint all the pieces of driftwood white

2. Cut pieces of leather, 1/4” thick and approximately 3ft long

3. Lay out the pieces of driftwood in the form of a ladder, making sure the rungs overlap each side rail approximately 2-4” and are at least 12” apart

4. With leather strap in hand, attach the rung pulling taut, to the side rail by crisscrossing the strap over the rung and rail forming an “X” 

5. Repeat the same process on each rung and rail until everything is attached and you’ve built a ladder
Note: this ladder is for display only, not to climb on



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