Friday, November 1, 2013

Jell-O Mold Becomes a Living Wreath

Photo credit: Steve Cridland
Cooking molds are a dime a dozen at the thrift store.  They are stacked three high next to the regular finds of cutting boards, and mismatched coffee cups.  Walking down the aisles of donations, I look at the abundance of leftover kitchen cooking accessories and wonder what I could do to slow down the amount of castaways that end up here or even worse, the dump.

As I was holding a mold in my hand, I turned it upside down, sideways, lifted it over my head, and then put it on the ground, all in hopes of triggering a solution.  (And yep, I also got plenty of strange looks from bystanders).  But trust me, it works.  Because I thought hey, this is the same shape as a wreath.   So I gave the checkout gal $4.99, stopped and bought some plants on the way home and before the day was over, I'd made a new wreath from an old Jell-O mold.  The best part? No recipe needed.

Cooking mold/Jell-O mold
Floral Clay, (it comes in one long strip)
Dry floral foam
Floral pins
Ice Pick
Plants (I used a sedum, commonly called hens and chicks)
Knife or Styro foam Cutter

Photo credit: Steve Cridland

  1. Hammer one hole on the side of the tin (this is for the ribbon) and four holes, equally apart on the bottom of the tin (this is to be able to soak the wreath in water).  
  2. Loop and tie a piece of ribbon together.  Make sure the knot is bigger than the hole you have made on the side of the tin.
  3. Thread the looped portion of the ribbon through the side hole.
  4. Press strips of floral clay inside the bottom and sides of the mold.
  5. With knife or Styro cutter, trim pieces of floral foam to fit inside the mold.  Leave about an inch from the top for the plants.
  6. Place plants on top of the floral foam, making sure to cover the entire area.  Secure plants with floral pins.  Test it by tipping it upside down.  Add more floral pins if plants want to fall out.
  7. Hang outside and enjoy!
  8. Recommend watering once a week by soaking it in the sink. 


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