Monday, December 2, 2013

Board with JOY

One of my favorite DIY projects is a sign my good friend, Joanne Palmisano, author of Salvage Secrets, made.  It’s a new sign from an old piece of wood.  It inspired me to try and make my own holiday sign from a vintage kitchen cabinet door that had been painted red on one side.  In just a few hours, the standard door with no appeal was repurposed into new festive décor.  The true sign of creativity, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Cupboard Door (this door was already painted red; you can add a top coat of red paint)
Hand sander
150 grit sandpaper
Utility Knife
Paint Brushes
White paint (I used Yolo Colorhouse AIR.01)
Painter’s tape
Three pieces of paper, each with your choice of font of each letter, spelling JOY
Saw tooth hanger
Option: Shellac Sealer

How To:

  1. Apply one coat of red paint on the door and let dry
  2. Sand red paint, just enough so you can see some of the under coat color showing
  3. Wipe down door dust with a  damp ragCreate a template for your letters.  I made a trip to a Copy Center store with three letters on a standard 8”x 10 ½” size piece of paper and enlarged them to the size I preferred which was 9” x 10”.  Your font will determine the letter’s dimension
  4. Cut out letters and position them on the board
  5. Tape letters down and trace them with a pencil
  6. Remove templates and with utility knife cut along the letter outlines.  You might need to trace a few times over
  7. Paint letters using the white paint. Two coats.  Let dry in between coats
  8. With sandpaper, sand the letters to expose some of the undercoat paint color
  9. Wipe dust off with damp rag
  10. Apply a coat of shellac on both side of the board if you intend to mount it outside
  11. Center and hammer in a saw tooth hanger on the back of the board
  12. Mount the sign, sit back and enjoy your new DIY holiday sign


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